Zenith Carex International Limited "Our basic area of interest in the Multimodal 2018 is networking toward strengthening bilateral relationship with prospective partners and clients.

Can you Please Tell Us about Your Organization While Highlighting Your Major Services?

Our organization Zenith Carex International is a registered and licensed courier, logistics and freight forwarding services provider with 15years working experience and over 40 branches nationwide. Our major business concentrations are Courier, Haulage, Air and Sea clearing and freight forwarding services.

What Services Are You Most Excited About At The Moment?

We are excited and always ready to deliver on all the services we provide to our clients as we have a crop of fully dedicated staffs and crew that ensure prompt service delivery within the estimated lead time.  In a nutshell, all services rendered are exciting and important to us most especially customer satisfaction.

How Do You Think the Nigeria Governments Plan to Increase Port and Terminal Activity Will Impact Your Business and Transportation Logistics Industry?

If the plan of the Nigerian Government on activity increase on port and terminal activities come to a reality, it will boost the socio economic status of the country as a whole, not just the logistics industry because it will reduce the rate of unemployment as more labor will be needed and also generate income for the government through taxation.

Can you tell us a Little More about Your Activities in the Region??

Zenith Carex Intl is a registered and licensed clearing agent for Nigeria Customs Services in Nigeria. We handle shipments from overseas to Lagos Nigeria viz a viz sea and air freight via MMI Airport.

What In Your View are The Challenges to Developing Effective Supply Chain Solutions in Nigeria?

The challenges are numerous, but understudying Three (3) major challenges to supply chain

-Security: the challenge of criminal elements on Nigerian Roads cannot be over emphasized, the rate of robbery and banditry on Nigerian roads is quite alarming and this poses a serious concern to the supply chain cycle and causes a lag in lead delivery time.

-Bad road Network:  The Road Networks which is the major mode of transportation in Nigeria is visibly terrible, travelling on these dilapidated roads nationwide always makes it difficult to get to final destinations in estimated real time.

+Activities of Touts, Union bodies, and tax collectors: the presence of touts in various states posing under the façade of tax collectors on behalf of the state government, there is no amount of registration stickers that will be presented that will wave buying another sticker or undergoing another form of registration. This is tantamount to extortion and financial rape.


What effect do you think Government collaborative efforts with private companies like General Electric in Modernizing and Expanding Nigeria’s Locomotive Sector will have on the transportation and Logistics Sector?

It will ease the way with which business is being carried out by creating the window of better business opportunities to acquire locally made vehicles rather than buying from overseas.

Based on the ongoing plans and current development within the transport and logistics sector, what will you say is the future outlook for this industry??

Based on the ongoing plans and current development, the futuristic outlook for the logistics sector is very bright and positive.

What is your area of interest in the Multimodal West Africa 2018 considering the success of the success of the last edition?

Our basic area of interest in the Multimodal 2018 is networking toward strengthening bilateral relationship with prospective partners and clients.

Mr Adelana Olamilekan is the Managing Director/CEO Zenith Carex International Limited, a logistic, courier and customs clearing company established in August 2000 and under his sole supervision with expansion of branches nationwide.

He is a seasoned accountant by profession with passion for excellence and business expansion.