Exhibition Sector - IT/telematics, e-business, telecommunications

Communications systems

  • Work-station systems for communications technology
  • Digital radio communications systems
  • Networked communications systems
  • Mobile communications systems
  • Display and information systems and installations

Data-processing systems

  • DP systems for logistics and transport
  • Databases and information systems
  • On-board computers and their peripherals
  • Identification and coding systems
  • Route planning

E-commerce and e-business systems

  • E-procurement
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • ECR (Efficient Consumer Response)

Transport control and DP systems

  • Receiving, storage, and distribution of goods
  • Transport scheduling
  • Provision, maintenance, and repair of transport equipment
  • DP equipment and control systems in ports, airports, terminals and in the infrastructure
  • Systems and installations for automatic identification (of containers, vehicles, loading/unloading equipment)
  • Location and navigation systems
  • IT security

Integrated traffic management systems (ITMS)

  • Operational and planning systems
  • Route and information systems
  • Systems for freight traffic management
  • Operational and communications systems for rail traffic
  • Information/control centres for traffic management

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